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01-23-2012, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by wej20 View Post
I'm not saying he was right or it wasn't poor officiating but he gave his opinion to the coach not to the media. The problem is that diving isn't called with any consistency in the league, some refs just let it go, some give matching minors and very rarely does a player just get 2 mins for diving.
So what you're saying is either the league is ******** for implementing rules and telling the refs not to call them, or the refs are ******** for not calling the rules?

If he's such a diver that he's recognized as a diver, he'd have more then 1 diving penalty. If his "dives" were not worthy enough of penalties, then he shouldn't be labeled a "diver" and have calls go against him with bias. Just like if i was gonna call someone hitter, i'd make sure they have more then 1 hit in 3 seasons. If the hits weren't big enough to register as a hit(like his dives not being blatant enough to register a diving penalty), then i'd have to think twice about calling him a hitter(or diver), no?

I don't know how you can defend the ref here. It's not even about the play/non call. It's about his claim. Either he's a diver and he should get diving penalties, or he's not and don't call him one. You can't have it both ways.

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