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Originally Posted by Sbufkle View Post
How are they judged the proudest? How did they get that 'award'?

Im in Montreal, a Habs fan who DETEST the Leafs. But after beign so bad for SOOOO long, Id have to say thier fans are more deserving of the title 'Proudest' over Carolina.

the Hurricaines average slightly over 15,000, 22nd ranked in the league and only fill 82% of rink. How proud are they if they dont even fill the rink?

I have been do many NHL rinks and am a hockey nut, my companies head office is in NC and I have NEVER heard a single person say that thier crowd is the loudest in NHL.
being the loudest entails being the proudest. if you weren't the proudest you wouldn't be the loudest. they probably measured the decibels during games and arrived at an average and found that carolina hurricanes are the loudest and thus the proudest also

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