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Originally Posted by Canadiens Ghost View Post
Habaneros won't be able to answer this one without contradicting himself once more

The Bruins , Leafs, Hawks and Yankees all got new stadiums in recent years and they also played in historical buildings. Yet somehow they survived the transition just like we did with the Bell Centre (except for yourself obviously).

It's sad how you keep insisting on this foolish idea even when it's obvious almost nobody supports it. is thread).It's now 91% against your idea (3 for, 35 against in thread

We would all love to live the glory days of the Forum again and the legendary teams of the 50's and 70's but neither one of them are coming back. Time to face reality Habaneros.

The reason most young people don't get out and show respect on Nov 11.
Do you know why that is?

You claim 91 percent are against it on HF...well it is official then eh?
I don't think HF unfortunately reflect the masses on this issue.

That land sits there with our home still on it , we're moving from Bell within next 20 years anyways.

Why is it such a idiotic thing to suggest to go back to the land and REBUILD , a place that you try to keep alive at Bell Centre with a bunch of statues......and there jersey hung in a building they would ALL BE ASHAMED to be associated with ...It's a discredit to all there names.

Bell Centre ,will never win there ...mark my words.
We need to move back to the land of home.

It is very possible because,in a few year period the Fourm could be rebuilt , and we could move in as we keep playing out of Bell until it is complete.

It wouldn't work before because we had no other place to go .
They couldn't leave the Forum for 2 years , to redo it .

Your user name is "Canadiens Ghost."....ironically

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