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Originally Posted by deesee22 View Post
So you have a perfectly functional and modern 21,000+ seat building that the teams' owner just spent 100's of millions of dollars to buy..... and you want to gut a shopping mall (that would cost millions to acquire and demolish) and build the same thing we have now with a smaller capacity? How does that make ANY sense to you?

Your argument to have the Bell Centre used for events only while your new "Forum" for hockey only makes no sense. The Habs were probably one of George Gillette's greatest investment becauase he controlled the arena AND the team and had it filled almost every night. Two buildings would be tons of empty nights at both buildings with DOUBLE the overhead costs.

Green Bay is a community owned team.... their model should never be used in comparison to an NHL team, especially the Habs. Their share issue to pay for their renovations wasnt a revolutionary concept. They have thousands and thousands of shareholders and it has been that way for years. Its not as easy as Montreal'ers buying shares to pay for an arena. Do you really think that would work?

Excellent troll thread. Im done.

Listen , just because you can't understand doesn't mean it's a wrong thing.
Your thinking would have never seen the Jets in Winnipeg this year.
Thank goodness for people with brains and money .

I set you down in front of the controls to a 767 airplane ,and tell you to get me Montreal to Calgary, can you do it?
That is all I'm trying to say, just because you can't UNDERSTAND IT ,doesn't mean it's wrong or wont work..In the HANDS of the right people it works!

This project in the HEADS OF THE RIGHT PEOPLE, works....

We live in the day an age they build sky scraper miles high....Yet people on here saying rebuilding on a piece of land is impossible?

Like come on .

You just seen the redo at BC place .....night and day difference...

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