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01-23-2012, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
You're viewing this through a (free) TV/streaming lens. There's a pay per event live lens you're completely missing the context on.

Most folks (not all) complaining loudest on here aren't folks who are watching the Kings for free on television. They've paid for tickets and are getting tired of going to games where the team is boring as sin or doesn't show up. Those who do pay for tickets aren't paying to watch a boring/frustrating team. They're paying to be entertained.

When this team is playing well, they are highly entertaining, but those games have been few and far between this season, so the complaints roll in.

I watched the Colorado game on TV. I would have been complaining a hell of a lot louder if I had actually paid to watch that game live. That said, some of the complaints and sweeping statements after a loss go completely overboard, but it's somewhat understandable given this entire season has been a disappointment in terms of expectations vs. reality.
Once again, who is making you pay to watch a boring team? If anyone (JU in this case) signs up for that pay-per-view knowing he is going to be watching a team he considers boring, then whose fault is that really? If I purchase a pay-per-view movie with the expectations it is going to be boring, and then it is boring, whose fault is that?

All that the team is obligated to do is put forth what it feels is the best effort to win games and push towards the goal of a Stanley Cup. How they choose to do it is their objective. If you don't like that objective, that's fine, and within your rights to not like it. But why you'd want to watch (or in your example, pay to watch) a team that bores you is beyond me. Simply don't watch if it's that annoying.

And yes, some of the all-encompassing negative nancy comments on here are getting to much, I agree. I'm disappointed they aren't meeting the goals we set out for them as well, especially offensively, but the way some posters go overboard it's as if they just lost the family home wagering on these guys. Some people really need to relax. It's a long season that's roughly half over and the real tense stuff is coming up. I half expect some strokes the way some fans carry on on here.

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