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01-23-2012, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by jbeck5 View Post
You're clearly missing the fact. I specifically mentioned that it isn't about the missed's about him calling him a diver. It's like you ignored my post/missed the whole point of it on purpose.

Sounds like he said karlsson is a diver and not that karlsson dove on that one particular instance. Either way, i'd be pissed if i was karlsson.

I once got called for diving.I was sooo mad. I got a beauty pass at the opposition blueline and was spliting the D going much faster and one D trips me up so i basically face plant and slide towards the goalie one instant i'm about to go on a breakaway.The next thing i know im on my'm wondering, is it a penalty shot,or pp? The linesman grabs both of us, and i got a penalty for diving. Why the F- would i dive when im busting in on a clear breakaway. Everyone who plays hockey knows you would prefer splitting the D and going on the breakaway and wouldnt dive to get a 2 min call to see your teamates on the pp. we're selfish, we want the goal. That's what happened to karlsson here so he's pissed off. I would be, and was when it happened to me. There's nothing worse then a ref accusing you of diving when it isn't the case. If a ref will say those words, he better damn well be sure.
So what you're saying is either the league is retarded for implementing rules and telling the refs not to call them, or the refs are retarded for not calling the rules?
How else should that comment be taken other than you're complaining about the accuracy and full application of the rules?

There is a huge difference between saying he's a diver or that he just dove on the play which in real time I don't blame the ref for thinking that. One is saying the ref specifically has it out for Karlsson because of his "reputation" as the whole point of the thread was basically "does Karlsson have a reputation of a diver" the other just saying he embellished to get a call late in the game the ref wasn't biting which doesn't mean the ref thinks he always dives but just in that one instance he thought it was. And with out anyone being there and knowing exactly what the ref said you can't claim to know that "it sounds like" he was being called a reputational diver.

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