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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Our friendly neighbourhood hack is at it again. I'm posting the link via Yahoo so the Gazette gets fewer hits on this garbage.;_yl...gaz-ca-6035011

Once again, I can't help but feel compelled to respond in some small way to this talentless hack of a writer who should've been fired years ago.

Thanks for this. Now I need to go get a squeegee to remove all the self righteousness that's oozing from my monitor.

BTW Jack, why mention the guy's skin colour in the first place?

1. So what? Happens all the time with young defenseman. He's GOING to make those kinds of mistakes going forward so get used to it. Development takes time and it's even worse when idiots like yourself are out there on your pulpits screaming at them.

BIG GEORGE LARAQUE seen it coming Nov 9, 2011

As he speaks his hands move faster, and he gets excited. He talks about the sometimes-strained racial climate in hockey — “media in Montreal have said P.K. Subban’s a great player and he has to be careful, because people are waiting for him to make a mistake, because he’s black. And it’s true.”

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