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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
Huh? No one is going to offer a 1st round pick for a guy that has only played one healthy season in the past three season. So I'm confused. Do you mean monetary wise though? Like if he goes to arbitration and gets a 1st round compensation type of money?
The RFA compensation for the contract that Lats would inevitably be awarded were he to go through arbitration, or if a team were to make a serious offer sheet on him would be a 1st + 3rd round pick (assuming no major changes in compensation rates year over year). As is typically the case, the RFA compensation rates generally reflect the actual trade market value for a player. That is to say, his RFA rights are worth (in pure draft pick perspective) a 2013 1st + 2013 3rd, which is roughly equivalent to a 2012 1st (depending upon team and pick location). Any offer of less than that is less than his actual trade value.

Now, teams may be equally concerned about his injury history, however, a winger on the rise who put up 27 goals in 78 games will attract interest. If it were not for the injuries, he'd be just about in the range of 1st + 2nd + 3rd on offer sheet compensation.

Edit to clarify: my arbitration reference is that I believe were we to take him to arbitration, he would be awarded a certain salary. That salary (by definition, fair value) compared against the offer sheet compensation would be worth 1st + 3rd

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