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01-23-2012, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
You claim 91 percent are against it on HF...well it is official then eh?
I don't think HF unfortunately reflect the masses on this issue.

Prove me otherwise... the ones posting on HF are hockey fans and even they overwhelmingly oppose your idea. You seriously think people who don't give a damn about hockey would care either way if the Habs move back to the Forum?

Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Your user name is "Canadiens Ghost."....ironically

I fail to see the irony. Even if my name evokes the Habs' past, i live in the present. I understand the Habs' history. I've lived through a part of it. I've been on quite a few occasions to the Forum but only once at the Bell Centre. I have more respect for the Forum than you do because I am willing to let it rest in peace. As you said, they would have to add 3000 seats , raise the roof, modernize the interior... basically change everything that made the Forum the special place that it was, it would become the Bell Centre 2.0. The only thing that would remain unchanged is the address. It will never be the same even if you rebuild it.

At least I have the satisfaction of knowing your crazy fantasy will never come through and that my memories of the way the Forum was can be preserved. It makes no sense economically.

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