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Originally Posted by Fallenity View Post
Another ice hockey fan coming from Europe, more specifically Finland, to NY and decided to use this chance to see my first live NHL game. More specifically, the last regular game of the season, Washington @ Rangers, 7.4 3 pm. Came here to ask some of the same questions as above, but was spared from making a new thread =)

Rangers being one of my more favorite teams in the East (especially after 24/7, that show gave your team a lot of good rep!), should be a real experience!

Some further questions:

1) How much earlier do you have to arrive at MSG before the game begins? How big are the crowds usually (esp. against Washington) and how well is the MSG planned, so that you get fast to your seat etc..

2) I've been thinking of getting seats from the 300 -level, since they seem to be in my price level (between $100 and $150). Are they good seats? Which section on the 300-level has the best view? In Finland, stadiums usually have specific seats for opponent fans and home fans, same here? Don't want to end up at the wrong place =D

Sorry for the long questions, want to be properly prepared when I finally get to see nhl live!
1. Depends on what you wanna do once you're in the arena. Do you want to see warmups? Do you wanna buy things at the team store? For warmups, it starts a half an hour before the game so 2:30 you'd want to be down by the ice. If you're looking to go to the team store, get there as soon as the gates open at 2:00 as it'll sure to be crowded since it's the final game of the year on a Saturday afternoon. If you just wanna get to your seats in time for puck drop, I'd say get to the arena a quarter to 3. Once you get to the arena, it won't take you long to get to your seat. MSG is in the middle of a three year renovation so it will be a little bit of a hassle to get to your seats depending where you sit but in the lobby they have directions where to go so it shouldn't be too difficult as long as you follow those.

2. There are no seats for specific fans, whatever Caps fans you see in the building will be spread out through the building unless they bought them in groups. For what the best section is, it depends on preference really. I like the center ice 300's since I always try to be center ice when going to a game but the new end zone 300's are nice as well as they are higher which gives you a better angle of the action plus they have TV's in the section so you can see replays on controversial plays and whatnot.

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