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Originally Posted by NYRFAN218 View Post

2. There are no seats for specific fans, whatever Caps fans you see in the building will be spread out through the building unless they bought them in groups. For what the best section is, it depends on preference really. I like the center ice 300's since I always try to be center ice when going to a game but the new end zone 300's are nice as well as they are higher which gives you a better angle of the action plus they have TV's in the section so you can see replays on controversial plays and whatnot.
TV's in the seating area? Really? o.O Do they have them integrated into the seats or just one screen per section..? I'm not used to that kind of luxury!

I usually like to follow the whole ice action and thus choose center seats, but I imagine MSG is a very big arena, so how's the visibility from the center parts of the 300-level?

I'd at least be interested in seeing the warmups, if they're open for the general public? I've always understood it's only in some cases or if you've won some prize etc...

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