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Originally Posted by Chazz Reinhold View Post

No, it's not. I can't just flip a switch within myself that will make me stop loving the Kings. You're looking at it from a completely emotionless stand point. Maybe it's issue that I am emotionally attached to the team, but it is what it is. That's not going to magically disappear. I have a history of rooting passionately for this team for 16+ years now. Just because they're boring an underachieving now won't make me stop watching and stop caring.

Anyway, regarding my initial response to kingsfan, despite everything I listed above, I can't just stop watching the Kings. I can't give a specifically scientific reason as to why, but like a bad girlfriend who you keep going back to no matter what, I'm attached to this team. The passion just isn't going to disappear because they are not consistently very exciting to watch.
I hear what you are saying, but there's a difference between loving a team and taking a break and walking away. I've been a diehard Kingsfan since 1988 (I was an Oiler fan before but I followed Gretzky here. Forgive me, I was 11). I've seen a lot of lean times as well, and only once did I walk away from watching the Kings. It was mid-way through the 2005-2006 season and it wasn't because we were losing or rebuilding or anything of the likes. it was all about Sean Avery and the fact I grew so tired of saying I cheered for a team that had that A-hole on it. I even went as far as to write a letter to the team explaining that as long as Avery was there, I wasn't watching.

Thankfully, he was traded only six weeks later (and no, I don't have some misguided belief my letter stirred the heart of DL into moving that waste of a locker stall) and I was back to watching the games.

In no time there did I stop loving my Kings team. I'd still check to see the scores and watch highlights of games. But when the game gets to be unenjoyable, which is what I take it to be when JU says the team is boring, you need to walk away. You may not be able to flip off that switch inside yourself but you can flip off the switch on your TV. It really is that simple.

No ones saying turn your back on the team like a jilted lover or suddenly transform into a Ducks fan, but take a break and get away for a bit. Come back when the game and the team is fun again. You said yourself Chazz, we've watched this team through some VERY lean years. Some years we watched we could hand pick on the schedule months ahead which games we were likely to watch our team get its collective ass handed to it by the Colorados and Detroits of the league. But we watched.

This season we have an underachieving team, but by no means the worse team we've watched. We have a team that is in the playoffs if the season ended today with arguably the greatest goalie in franchise history, two very good centres, a widely respected and beloved defensive core and a decent cupboard of prospects. We have fewer holes in this line up than we've had in most of the years we've been watching.

So to then turn around and call this team boring is beyond me and seems to insist upon a more significant problem. If that's the case, just walk away for a while and come back when you start to miss the team. It's ok. No one would call a guy like JU a bandwagonner if he came back in the playoffs, same with guys like Herby and PSP as much as I dog them at times for being pessimistic. Herby walked away, but I have no doubt he loves the Kings the same as the rest of us.

Flicking off your TV does not mean you don't love the Kings.

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