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11-08-2003, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Theo Fan

Dear Chris Simon,'s official, you can pack up your things and move outta here. You've made myself and countless other Ranger fans look foolish with our relentless attacks on your game, and I for one couldn't be happier to admit it first hand. Good luck, and keep up the hard play.

Dear Anson Carter,...better. Not great, actually just about boarderline good...but even boarderling good is a step up from that awful display you showed us earlier this season. However, to get out of this doghouse, it's going to take more then one or two games of hitting the net with your shots, and learning to throw a body check. Put up afew more points and we'll get back to you.

Dear Jan Hlavac,...I know, I didn't even play in today's hard-working efforted Rangers matchup against the Flyers. Your absence from the lineup was about the only thing coach Glen Sather managed to do right this afternoon. This was the first game where we actually have a good reason for not remembering if you even played or not. BTW Congratulations on your penalty shot goal...if you could get set up in a situation where you're the only player on the ice with no one else to breath on you to make you loose control of the puck, you'd have it made in the shade. Maybe sitting in the pressbox will give you more time to wonder why in your little interview earlier during the preseason fans thought you would only bring down a line with Nedved and Kovalev. We hope the three of you still get a good chuckle out of that one. Welcome to Theo Fan's "Dog House" Mr. Hlavac, and do enjoy your stay at our one and only "Kamensky suite", we feel your play will fit in quite nicely here.

Dear Glen Sather,...What the hell is wrong with you? Here you're given a nice healthy lineup finally with the return of Lindros, and what do you manage to do? Put him on Holik's wing. Oh, don't think we don't know what this is about. Everbody's got a hardon for Messier so now we're going back assed-backwards line combo's that make zero since unless you're "Da Moose", who's puck control actually resembled what a moose might look like playing hockey. Just a hint, but Eric Lindros is your #1 center and Bobby Holik is your #1 checking center. It's not all that hard to figure out. Anyway I can't say I really blame you for not playing the 4th line all that much, it was a horrible one to begin with. Aside from a starving Jamie Lundmark, that line was a horrible one. You see a game against the Flyers and decide to dress Dale, fine. What has Moore done to get the pressbox that LaCouture hasn't? Horribly coached game, Glen, along with a poor job managing your team...nothing more, nothing less. We've got our eye on you...

Thank You


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