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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Your just like a sell out for money hound, reason Montreal left for Bell....

As i said , BELL is so successful now , it wouldn't miss the Habs at all.

So what holds us back now?

The Red Sox and Cub fans would riot in the streets, just go tell them there moving ....

Why did Green Bay fans out of there own pocket pay to revamp there stadium??/why didn't they just say times change???

THE HABS (Montreal Forum) is the same building, something money should have never drove us out from....

It still stands there today, no reason we can't go back home..
It's not like it can only hold 12,000 ppl....

It could hold over 18,000 and to add an extra 2500-3000 seats and boxes, or up the tickets a little bit,you reconnect back to our HERITAGE.

What is so crazy about that?
Lambeau Field is going to expand from 71,000 seats to close to 90,000 seats in the next couple of years.

I have been to other football stadiums and it felt like you were going to a football stadium. But Lambeau was like going to a shrine. You could feel the energy of Lambeau Field on a Saturday before a game when the place is practically empty except for the people in the Atrium and in Curly's bar drinking Leinie's and eating brats.

Nothing better than being in Lambeau.

Habaneros, the ghosts lived in the Forum for a reason. People believed in them. The fans of the Habs, the owners, the players.....everyone.

To you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high.

That meant something when the Habs played in the Forum. Now, it is nothing but words to the biggest majority of Canadiens fans. Definitely has no meaning for Habs management.

You are proposing a valiant effort to revive the past. I applaud that but it is for naught. Gone is the magic and the mystique of the Canadiens and the ghosts have been relegated to insignificance.

Be glad that we had the opportunity to pay homage in The Forum. The younger fans who mock you do not understand. Respect for the past is gone. The torch has been dropped. The Montreal Canadiens are now but one of 30. Even the ghosts realize that.

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