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Originally Posted by Flyerfan4life View Post
anyone else think they are handing out concuss. injury's to easily ???

its not like anything this year is different from previous recent years in terms of how hockey is played.

but suddenly it seems like if anyone gets contacted remotely hard, its a automatic concuss. injury

perhaps the league is trying to backdoor in some forced changes, and this is how they go about showing its required.

As someone who suffers from post concussion syndrome on a daily basis because "I just got my bell rung" during my 15 years of playing hockey. They are absolutely doing the right thing. Did players back in the day play through them, yes? Keith Primeau still has problems to this day. Guys missing games isn't the end of world, compared to them having serious mental issues later in life ranging from dementia to Parkinsons, depression. Concussions are the injury that keeps on giving long after you finish your playing days. It's not like a broken bone. The NHL is absolutely doing the right thing when it comes to treating players once they are concussed. They don't hold people out as a result of hard hits, they hold them out because they have symptoms. If you watch 24/7, it gives you a good idea of how they deal with it.

It also seems that once you've had one, it's easier to get another one. Horton & crosby definitely are examples of that. My last concussion was 2 years after i stopped playing, I just bumped my head on table after reaching down to pick something up. I have trouble finding words, headaches and I'm only 32! It scares me and i'm sure it scares pronger to where you never know if you are going to be 100% well again.

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