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01-23-2012, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
You know what bothers me, the loss of size and grit. And I'm not talking fighting.

The past two seasons in the playoffs we had Modin, Poni, Handzus and Simmonds on a line. We essentially replaced that line with Lewis-Loki-Richardson.

When we played Vancouver two seasons ago, Kings were loaded with Modin, Zeus, Clune, O'Donnell, Greene, Simmonds and Brown.

When we played San Jose we had Clifford-Richardson-Simmonds line and Westgarth on the 4th line.

Now we trade Schenn/Simmonds for a 5'10" Richards....Both Wayne and Brayden are over 6'-0" and play on the edge and perfect for the playoffs. Not saying Richard's can't, but he doesn't have the size and nastiness as these two players.

We never replaced that big third line. We replaced Gagne with Smyth and Gagne doesn't even play Smyth's gritty in front of the net game and he still got hurt just playing his perimeter game.

Handzus, Poni, Modin, Simmonds, Smyth and OD are all gone. All were big, cycled or played physical and a few of those guys were good leaders.

Now what? Brown is way less physical. Penner is the stay puff marshmellow man. Clifford is on the 4th line and the 3rd line looks like the Montreal Canadians.
And the Kings won jack **** with those players. I agree that that Kings could use some more size and grit but I disagree that the Kings aren't a winning team because they lack the players you mentioned. They need more offensive skill and a system that embraces it.

They lost to the Canucks in the playoffs because the Canucks had more skill. They lost to the Sharks in the playoffs because the Sharks had more skill. No amount of size or grit is going to overcome the Kings offensive woes. Boston has some big tough players but they also have a **** ton of players that can score. So do all of the past cup winners in the post lockout era.

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