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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
I guess. Feel sorry for PK, tho. I wished he fixed his slap shot. No idea how he went from a highly precise shot to what we have right now.

Weber has a more reliable shot, but that's all he's got over Subban regarding PP zone control.

More TOI for Weber might prove to help his tradability. I don't think the problem with the PP is the players. I think it's the strategy they picked, or the lack thereof.
Maybe if PK reduces the time he spends pointing at the arena's roof before making a slap shot (or fake shot... about 60% of the time) it would not alert everyone that he's taking so much time to shoot and they won't have nearly as much time to deflect the shot or block it?

Each time he does that, I'm wondering if he's summoning some kind of magic power. Seriously it gets me sooo mad. And the best thing, is that it doesn't do ***** to the shot's power. Lidstrom, I think, pointed out that slapping from a 90 degrees angle (stick horizontal to ice) has the same power as going all-out PK-Swagger-180-degrees-technique. But I guess it's much more 'gangsta-looking' if you do it his way.

Whatever. Love PK, but fix your ******* slap shot.

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