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01-23-2012, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Drew75 View Post
Um... no.

Burke DID misscalculate where we'd finnish the year of the Kessel - as pretty much everybody in hockey - minus of course the 20/20 hindsight geniuses on these boards who will pipe up and claim "I knew it!"

Burke said that our GOAL every year should be to make the playoffs. He said it should be every teams goal.

Burke's job is to sit in front of the press and spin positives. It doesn't mean that you - or anyone else on these boards - actually knows how far this team is from the final product in his mind.

Also - to the OP - you lost me when you included Aulie and Schenn in your "sell for the future" rant. Seriously, lol.

Why are 90% of the posts here bandwagon, 'what have you done for me lately', flash over substance crap? Trading Schenn would be retarded - regardless how he's played this year. He 22!!!! D men (with 2 or 3 'generational' exceptions) take until their 25 / 26 to fully develop. Pronger took that long to really get his game together ...

These boards are funny ... "<Insert Grabo/Schenn/Kadri/Kulemin/etc Name Here> is a bum" then 6 months later "<Same Player> is a god!" ... then 6 months later "<What can we get for <Same Player>?" ... lol ... and when you consider that a) these are 20-something players, and b) these are the same people who say they'd have patience for a rebuild, lol ... you just gotta laugh!
First of all I was not ranting, nor was I claiming any of the mentioned players were garbage. Those are your words. The reason I included Schenn and Aulie is because of redundancy, and need. If we could trade a Schenn for a JVR or Ryan would you not do it. I feel we need an impact forward more than an impact D. We are lacking size and sandpaper along the boards. I don't want to trade Schenn because I think he is playing poorly( never said that in the op) learn to read. My proposal is based on the future improvement of the team and clearing up dead weight and salary to bring in some real high end talent FA. Another thing, how am I over reacting about a few loses? I have been saying for a while now , that this team is not ready to compete. We need more pieces, so let's get them. If we were close, they would have won those 2 games, plain and simple.

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