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Originally Posted by Minor Boarding View Post
1. The first passes out of the zone are slow, often the Kings defensman go d to d for 2-3 passes before going forward. That's an issue.

Who is screening the goaltender for the Blackhawks top line: Stalberg-Toews-Kane??
Who for the Bruins top line, Lucic-Krejci-Horton?
Who for the Penguins top line, Kunitz-Malkin-Neal?
Who for the Rags top line, Hagelin-Stepan-Gaborik?
Who for the Sharks, Canucks?
These are some of the best teams in the NHL and they don't need Smyth/Handzus to score goals and they don't need no effin pylon to screen the goalies to score.

The whole point shot with screen is getting old and annoying and this roster has way too much talent to employ this 90's era offensive systems.
Look at this and tell me how the goals are scored for two of the best current NHL teams? How many screens? 1 in 10 goals total?.
First I think you are misunderstanding what some of us are talking about. I know I personally I'm not talking about screening the goalie and shots from the point I am talking about players even when they don't have the puck, driving to the net and forcing the defensemen and goalie to pay attention to them. All to often the King enter the zone slowly and try to set the perfect pass by moving the puck around the perimeter of the boards while no one is creating traffic in front. Brown is about the only guy that consistently drives to the net looking for rebounds are misdirection goals. That's at least what I've been saying the Kings need more of.

That said the guys in bold all have this knack of always going to the net hard on every play. That is something that both Smyth and Handzus brought as well. Go back and rewatch the highlights you posted and almost every one of those goals is scored on:

1. a high pecrcentage shot within the top of the circles and between the faceoff dots.
2. on a misdirected shot or rebound with someone off the puck crashing the net.
3. or on a shot from the point with traffic in front of the net.

These are the areas that I think the Kings need to improve to fix the scoring woes. I don't think there is that big of a disparity in the lack of skill or size between the Kings and these other teams, it's a failure to consistently do the above three things that has them were they are in scoring and nothing else.

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