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01-23-2012, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Not at all, those are your words NOT MINE.

I asked why so many don't RESPECT on Nov 11.....our heritage history ,which i find appalling people don't ,just take a walk to the
cenotaph Nov 11,you see what i say .I stand there.

How you got offended , i leave that for you to figure out .

The disrespect being shown to the most FAMOUS sports building and land in Canada, from it's own so called FANS on HF appalling .

NO RESPECT ,you got none ,along with a few other so called Hab fans .

It is shocking to me , how the Forum and land, is just a garbage piece too so many here.

You all lost your way , of the guys who put that CH on the jersey .
You brag about to your friends we got 24 cups.....
They never played a game in BELL CENTRE or on Bell CENTRE land.

You said one thing right ,

Absolutely disgusting.

What i want to see done ,is right a wrong.

They keep tryin to re create it , finally just recently,they bring back Diane Bibaud the original organist who played in the Montreal Forum to Bell Centre,ditched the taped stuff.Hard as they try,never ....
I'm sorry, but its just hockey.

No one died at the Forum fighting for your freedom.

That you would equate the two is disgusting.

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