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01-23-2012, 06:36 PM
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On this note, we had a situation once where a good portion of our team had to leave a game early in order to go play at another league they were part of. As luck would have it, on this night, none of our reserves showed up. We ended up playing half the game down a man with no subs, and the other time kept rolling full lines and coming at us full steam.

This was the #1 team in the division and they really didn't have to try to make us die, but they did. I think in that whole time we let up 2 goals, basically just clearing it out every time we touched it just to get a breather. We knew we'd lose so we just considered it a killer practice on our penalty kill So they beat us by 4 total, and we ended up taking them out of the playoffs en route to winning the championship. Sweet vindication.

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