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01-23-2012, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by superroyain10 View Post
Maybe he is prone to giving up high-risk chances?
Niemi posted an equally ridiculous (but in the opposite direction) 0.972 SV% when Wellwood was on the ice at even strength last season, so I don't think so unless you want to make the argument that he forgot how to prevent high risk chances over the summer. No player has shown the ability to drive their goaltenders' save percentage on a consistent basis over the past four seasons. Your goaltender's performance when you're on the ice (with regards to save rate, obviously you can prevent goals against as a skater by suppressing shots) is almost entirely luck.

Originally Posted by superroyain10 View Post
What metric are you using for possession?

Team possession is often a very important thing. But individual posession can get overblown a lot. You have some players who get the puck on and off really quickly; others stick to the perimeter, holding the puck, and doing nothing.
Corsi, as always. The Sharks outshot their opponents when Wellwood was on the ice at even strength last season to a greater degree, prorated to 60 minutes, than any other player's team outshot the opposition last season.

Define "better defensively" for Handzus. He has the worst possession numbers on the Sharks this season. He spends the vast majority of his shifts in the defensive zone. Wellwood is the complete opposite and has been for years. The goal of the game, at even strength, is to outscore the opposition. Wellwood contributes to that goal to a much higher degree than Handzus despite what value Handzus provides on the PK (not a whole lot, but something).

The bottom line is Doug Wilson woefully miscalculated his team's needs at the third line center position. With the way McLellan runs his bench, the Sharks absolutely did not need a traditional checking line center. Thornton's line has drawn the toughest defensive assignments for two years running now and that clearly wasn't going to change. They needed a player who could take advantage of soft ice time to generate offense and Wellwood is infinitely better than Handzus in that regard.

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