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01-02-2006, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by RUS
He got injured. While you were watching Eagles not paying any attention to whats going on in hockeys world. Anyone can get injured.
Ohh ok his body can not take the abuse ... and Forsbergs can? Dude ... go watch some hockey. 8 goals in 10 games. Enough said.. The guy is 32-33 years old. Yeah he is washed out.. Throw him in the garbage. Lets get 6th defenseman. Wow what a big help. Crucial trade that wil lead us somewhere.

Detroit got Shanahan, Devils got Mogilniy both won the cups. Flyers will get 6th defensman lol... nice
you havent even listen to a word i said, i agreed that he was a 1.5-2 PPG a game guy. and I said in the past he would have been a great pick up. I like the guy, but not for this year. for the last friggin time, this year he is damaged goods. and where the hell did i say he is washed up and to throw him to the garbage? i never said that next year he couldnt return to the scorer he was once.

and where do you get that I wanted to get another defenseman? I totally agree we need another top six scoring winger? do you read? i only said there were better options for a payoff-run winger

yes, I see 8 goals in 10 games, but it takes more than 10 games to win the cup.
i just want the cup, and disagree that Keith could sustain a healthy playoff run.
I liked your other options of Murray, Axelsson, Samsonov, or Roberts much more than Tkachuk. And I said that any other option probably wouldn't be as good as the 1.5-2 PPG that Tkachuk is capable of, but that they would be more stable physically.

And your right, anyone can get injured. But being out of shape makes a person more prone to injury. I just don't think Tkachuk is in shape.

Watch the Eagles? If your only defense is to say "do you watch hockey?" because you disagree with my opinion, then forget you. I am a Flyers fan from birth. I refuse to sit here and get into a pissing match about "i've watched more games than you." Forget it, forget i mentioned anything, go sleep well tonight

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