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01-23-2012, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by IdealisticSniper View Post
Why anyone would want to give up anything for Bishop is beyond me. He will be able to be had for a song come the offseason, or even now for that matter. Unless of course he just likes being in the AHL, but Im sure hed like a real shot at the NHL.

Im not against getting him and giving it a shot. And if sending a 5th rounder to STL gives us that chance to play him a bit this year to see what hes got then sure. Otherwise you sign him in the offseason.

Moore is going to get us around a 2nd round pick or so. Why would you trade a 2nd round pick for Bishop? Makes no sense.
Because the Lightning are not the only team that would be interested in picking up a goaltender. Corcoran said it pretty well on his radio show tonight. Other teams need goaltending help. TSN just had a spot on Bishop this weeked that really got his name out there. The Blues GM is not going to call Yzerman and out of the goodness of his heart refuse to take bids from other teams. He's not going to just be had for pennies on the dollar in the offseason. Paraphrasing him here, but you get the point.

And of course, there could be no interest in him at all on SFY's part. We don't know. But the FA cupboard is not filled with real great goalies this offseason. The backups that may be good and may be available are going to cost a lot more than Moore. And if Tic is ever going to be a decent #1 goalie for the Lightning, it isn't going to be next year.

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