Thread: Is it to late?
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01-02-2006, 10:35 PM
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Heh, your 15?

Youve nothing to worry about. Just go to a bunch of public skating and dont worry about falling down or how long it takes you to get good.

Im 27 and trying to pick up ice skating with the eventual goal of joining a beer league.

I used to play inline hockey, but that was when I was 17. I had not laced up a skate in 8 years until a few weeks ago. I figure if I can figure out this whole ice thing, the hockey skills will come back.

Through some hard work ive gotten pretty good at skating. I still have trouble, especially with the stopping and the crossovers. I have trouble with them because I get nervous as there arent many rinks around Nashville/Knoxville, and the public sessions they have are loaded with high school kids and little girls, so im a bit skittish about getting my 215lbs up to full speed and taking out a gaggle of yapping kids. Might not be such a bad thing come to think of it.

Just keep working at it and keep in mind that ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FREAKIN HARD!!! Also, its a long run project, so dont expect to be Lemieux in a month.

Good luck.

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