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Originally Posted by Jmac1160 View Post
Instead of being a no it all maybe you should look at the big picture. He has shown absolutely no glimpse of what he did last year and what he can do. Do you not see that? Not even a flash of skill lately from him. That has nothing to do with the team. Yeah he's frustrated but come on. By the way I don't expect him to play like hes 30 I expect him to launch that cannon of his and I honestly expect him to make mistakes he's 22 frigging years old. All I see out of him is weak shots and bad pinches. sorry to sound like a hater but I'am just saying it how I see it honestly. Look at my avatar I love the guy, I Just don't know why I see little effort out of him. he should just be a bit more selfish and do what he wants cause when he does that it lights a spark under the teams ass
I don't see myself as a know it all I see myself as a fairly objective fan of this hockey club, I can look at the big picture. On here this season especially lately there has been alot of negativity and straight up trolling threads created, I thought that was your objective here but after reading more I can see you are sincere.

If Montreals pp was working better he would have a lot more points, Last year half of his points came on the pp almost, this year hes on pace for like 25% so thats a drop right there. Mainly how he gets his pts/goals is his shot problem is there really isn't a good setup man there really isn't anything good about the habs pp except there zone time is pretty good in my opinion. If I had to critique Subban on the pp I would say that sometimes he concentrates on shooting too hard and I think as a result sacrifices the control or accuracy of the shot. The PP suffering is a team/coaching issue not a single player I don't think at least.

I also thought Subban needs to simplify his game a bit when carrying or moving the puck out of the defensive zone, I thought in the past he tried to do too much by himself and it resulted often in turnovers. This year I think he has been asked to do this and has done a bit of a better effort using his other team mates, especially lately. Again I think this is something that will come in time, and with a new coach next year who knows maybe they will help him develop and use a different tactic more suited to his style.

His defensive play certainly is a work in progress again I will revert to the age card but its not often early 20's defencemen step up right away and can shut the best players down, it takes time and learning he will be stronger physically and more prepared next season. Again he is the top shutdown d-man on the hab's with Georges he goes up against the best no one plays more ice then him on Montreal.

As far as the effort level I think it is there, if it wasn't I doubt he would be in the top tandem still and bet he would have sat out a couple more games if he wasn't trying. Confidence will go a long way to help younger players develop and produce this year there hasn't been much to build on for Subban.

Time will tell but since its his second season in the NHL I am still going to say it has more to do with his experience and a teams poor performance then it has to do with Subbans effort or hockey ability, I could be wrong sure these things are not black and white.

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