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Originally Posted by nystromshairstylist View Post
Late in a game we were up by 7 or 8 goals, I skated ahead of everyone on a breakaway and as I approached the goalie, just skated off to one of the corners and left the puck there. As I skated back towards the neutral zone I nodded to the other teams' bench as a sign of respect.

While I may be new to hockey, running up scores is a serious no-no as per my "original" sport of basketball, and I cannot help but carry over some of that sport's aspects to hockey.

No one on my team said anything, but I think they understood my intentions (maybe it helped that I was the captain).
This happened to me in a game where I was playing for a friends' team because they just happened to be short benched. I was playing below my level and I knew it, but the score wasn't out of hand and I wasn't going out there to put up points. Anyways, I had a clear cut breakaway, went in, and just took a shot that the goalie got a piece of with his glove but it trickled in anyways.
I knew the goalie as a player (it was his first year playing in net) and after the game he expressed to me that he felt I shouldn't have taken the break away and should have just dumped the puck into the corner (it was a 2-0 game at that point for us, I believe). To me, that would have been so much more insulting than just going in and taking a (what i thought was ) simple shot at the goalie. Am I alone on this? As a player, I always hated it when other teams visibly went out of their way NOT to score - it just seemed like a huge ego trip to me. Maybe I'm alone on this

ps. playing ball hockey one year there was this one team that was miles above everyone else but there was only one division. They would beat everyone by at least 5 goals, usually more like 8. One game they were beating us quite handedly, 7-2 or something of that nature and they did two bonehead things that I would urge people NEVER to do:
1) all alone on their breakout, they passed me the ball right in their slot when no one was within 25 feet of me and i wasn't anywhere near checking them. I was so insulted that I just rolled my eyes and passed the ball softly to the goalie (he opened his legs and let it in and I was very pissed off)
2) a few times they turned around and fired slapshots at their own goalie.

I would say those were the two biggest ******** things I've ever seen a team whose up in a blowout do.

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