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Originally Posted by nystromshairstylist View Post
Late in a game we were up by 7 or 8 goals, I skated ahead of everyone on a breakaway and as I approached the goalie, just skated off to one of the corners and left the puck there. As I skated back towards the neutral zone I nodded to the other teams' bench as a sign of respect.

While I may be new to hockey, running up scores is a serious no-no as per my "original" sport of basketball, and I cannot help but carry over some of that sport's aspects to hockey.

No one on my team said anything, but I think they understood my intentions (maybe it helped that I was the captain).
I don't know. If someone did that to my team I'd be pretty pissed about it. I'd rather you just take a shot than visibly handle us with kiddy gloves. As long as you're not celebrating like you've won the Stanley Cup after every time you score I would be fine with that on the losing end of a blowout. It would be frustrating to play, but I would be fine with it.

I was blown out two different times on two different teams. The first time was the team's second game ever and we were clearly playing someone above our tier (they were eventually tiered up 3 tiers). They beat us something like 14-4. But after their 6th goal or so they just stopped celebrating scoring, but they didn't stop playing.

The second time, I was playing in a different league and we were losing 7-2, but the other team kept celebrating with high-fives and loud cheers after every goal. So me and my defence partner just stepped up a couple times on the blue-line and flattened their forwards. We started a ruckus though after the second big hit

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