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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
How about it?

Yes it would take money to redo it over, but GreenBay Packer fans just raised 250 million of there own pocket money, to revamp Lambeau field .

The Habs need to go back home.The Montreal Forum is home .
Let them fill the Bell Centre with concerts 365 days a year, and the Montreal Forum exclusively for Montreal Canadiens.

The entire inside was gutted, everything could be put in new per 2012,the outsides of the building could be totally updated.
If the roof needed to be raised to add extra seats ,luxury boxes etc fine.

That building on 2313 Saint Catherine Street, is the Montreal Canadiens,it's what made the Montreal Canadiens.
We lost our souls when we left.
Like Fenway park is the Red Sox and Wrigley Field is the Cubs,these fans don't want a new park!It's so much more than baseball....

If the Olympic stadium can get a billion dollars worth of ROOFS,
and they can revamp BC Place into a Gem as they just did ,the Montreal Forum needs to be brought back as Montreal Canadiens HOME,even if it cost 600 million to do it .

BUILDINGS TODAY ARE ONLY GOOD FOR 40 YEARS ANYWAYS,look at Edmonton Calgary for example...

Think about it , I personally would be willing to do what the Packers fans just did to bring back our home ....

What's everyone else think about moving back to the our home lands?
Sorry dude I may rant on these boards, but now you're my territory.

The site is too small for a modern 20000 seat arena, plus boxes, plus big loading space, parking, concessions, offices and the rest.

Not happening.

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