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11-08-2003, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsaku
Wow it seems communism is back again.
I'm like seeing the positives and when I look at our team, I'm not filled with desperation. I see a lot of potential, in fact, I think we're 1 center away from being a good team for the future if you look at our youngsters.


Donald Audette hasn't worked hard at all. I remember how he used to be, and what we're seeing now is not what he can do. He's pretty much finished and the sooner we rid ourselves of him, the better.

Jose Theodore hasn't performed either, he took a huge step back these past two years. I still see many goals he should've stopped. However, he has improved from last year and I think he'll get better with the progression of the season, he always does.

Claude Julien has a good system, but he tends to overuse it and I was blinded by rage when he put his 4th line with 3 min left in the game. However, he's still a rookie and like a hockey player, he'll learn and I see potential in him.

The only thing we cannot doubt is that we doubt. Saying we have no chance at Ovechkin is an ignorant comment. Who knows what can happen or who can get injured. We aren't exactly a great team either.

Agreed, Le journal de Montreal 110%, la ligue en question, CKAC, The Gazette are all part of the problem in the Media. I,ve never seen such incompetence and I often wonder how they got their jobs.

I always cheer for the Habs, but if you ask to stop whining then you clearly admit your defeat. If people have high expectations, its better becaise we'll see who are the true heart and soul players. Thats why Montreal have always been strong teams, because the pressure is enormous and the best players are the ones who can turn that pressure into emotion. If we want a team that can handle that pressure, we need to developp it from inside and get them to be used to it, because more often then not, we get players that are used to playing at cities like Florida where no one even recognizes them. When they get here, they are squashed by the pressure.
Ok, I'll defend my self now!

Donald Audette doesn't produce as much as before but the effort is there. He doesn't do the same moves as in his prime and it's normal but he works. Did you see how large he is compared to last year? Don't this mean that he really wants to play well and help the team?

Every goalie have their up and downs and it's normal to let in goals that you should have stopped. It's part of the game. Theo, like most goalies, is better when he recieves 40 shots rather then when he recieves 20 shots.

I didn't talk well when I said that we have 0% chance of getting Ovechkin. The fact that I wanted to show is that, 10-15 games doesn't make a season. After 10-15 games, we are not even last and everyone starts talking about the draft and that we will finish last.

" If people have high expectations, its better becaise we'll see who are the true heart and soul players. " High expectation is saying that the team will finish last and that the team suck when it lose 2 games in a row and to say that we're already in the playoffs after 2 straight wins? IMO that's ignorance and stupidity, not high expectation.

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