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Originally Posted by philly_28 View Post
I have so much respect for the Giants and how that team is run from the owners to the GM to Tom Coughlin. They are everything I want the Eagles to be and never will be as long as Reid is here and Lurie has his back. That really makes me hate them that much more. They play the game how it's supposed to be played (IMO), smash-mouth, grind-it out football. A (really, really small) part in me (the part that is a football fan, not an Eagles fan) is extremely happy that such a team is having success in today's play-station football era, which I can hardly watch. Then again, the Ravens and 49ers play the same style and they are not the Giants and that Super Bowl would have been an epic defensive battle.

To answer your questions: Yes, I think Coughlin is that good a coach. That Giants team got slaughtered in week 12 by the Saints, lost to the freaking Redskins in week 15 and somehow switched a flip after that, returning to the basics of their game. How they did that, I don't know, but Coughlin deserves all the credit he's getting now. I don't think you can deny Eli being called elite anymore. Granted, his stats against the 49ers aren't that impressive, but on 3rd downs and in the 4th quarter and during the playoffs in general he's playing darn well most of the time and that's when it counts. That brings me to the next issue. In my mind there is no doubt that the Eagles are a better team then the Giants talent-wise. Hell, I even think, the Cowboys are better. So, basically the Giants are the 3rd-best team in their own division, and half the conference is better IMO (SF, ATL, DET, GB, NO, CHI with a healthy Cutler and Forte). But it takes more to win than talent (just ask the Falcons for example) and whatever it is, the Giants and Tom Coughlin have it.
Couple of thoughts:

1) Are the Giants really a smash-mouth, grind-it out team right now? Historically, yes. But I'm not sure they have been this season. The running game was pretty dismal this season and the fact that there rushing numbers have gone up in the postseason is due to basically two or three big runs — not better running in general. They really have been a big play offense lead by the passing game. Hell, they're entire season turned on the Manning to Cruz 99 yard TD against the Jets.

2) Talent doesn't equal wins. Look at the Redskins for the past decade — always bought players who either didn't fit a system or just got complacent. I don't know how you measure if a team is better (save record and success). I will agree that the Eagles and Cowboys are more talented than the Giants — but are they better?

3) I don't think number tell the real story with Eli. His demeanor — which I always thought was a weakness — may actually be his greatest strength. What used to be seen as indifferent or aloof is now unflappable and ice cold poise. And the team seems to take their cue from him. What he did this year was tremendous — with an ineffective running game, new key pieces on the offensive line, assorted injuries and losing two of his safety valve guys in Boss and Smith. Manning is a large reason for Cruz's emergence.

4) In a town that loves to deify sports figures, perhaps Tom Coughlin is the least appreciated in the history of NYC sports. I admit that I was wondering if it was time to turn the page at 7-7 — mostly because of his age and being dubious about what the future really could be with a coach of his age.


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