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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
those are your opinions, i have seen pucks 'slow' and 'change direction' on water .. and not just on huge puddles. you have ZERO facts on how much water, exactly where & whether or not it affected Read.

and, that's NOT just what TT did - he pointed the bottle down - to get the water at the opening, and he then pointed it at the front of the crease and sprayed it.

if he he was just squirting some out by habit, then he would have sprayed it straight ahead of him - since he was standing still & facing the left of his crease, the water would have gone off to the left [shooter's right approaching the net]

we clearly see how he looked right at the spot where he wanted the water to land, instead of merely squirting some out

bush move in my my view
And you have the same amount of facts as the others who think that the couple second squirt of water has little to no impact. We will agree to disagree, although I find it somewhat humorous that you have spent the time to analyze how/where he squirted the water versus if he was just squirting it out of habit. I guess Thomas is psychic and knew exactly where Read was going to stickhandle and squirted the water exactly in that spot.

Bottom line, the Flyers lost because aBryzmal didn't make a single save in the shootout, not because of a single squirt of water from a Gatorade bottle. is offline   Reply With Quote