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Originally Posted by stanley

If acquired at the deadline, with an estimated 25% of the season remaining, Scott Niedermayer will be owed $22M over the term of his contract. Mike Peca will be owed $1M. This accurately reflects the financial investment.

You may want to see a professional about that amnesia, or consider a biography of Bob Clarke. :-) He's not the kind of guy who likes to be either small or thin on the blueline.

I wish I shared your disregard for what happened to the defense in the 2003-04 playoffs.

Well, since you wrote it in bold...

For financial reasons and based on team needs, I just don't share your zeal for Tkachuk. I think the Flyers have more than enough guys who can score goals. They lack, and really always have, creative players.

Can't really say I've ever seen or thought I'd ever see Samsanov compared to Tkachuk, but I guess if you live long enough...

We agree there.
We are not small or thin on blue line. We are currently injured. Guys will be back plus we can play Semi Kapanen if something major happens. It's been done before (I know Semi was not thrilled and almost retired but hey what can you do).
I was not comparing Tkachuk to Samsonov, I gave an example of a guy Flyers could get before the dead line and my preference. (anyone can make any kind of sarcastic remarks on any post, you tried to do a good job, keep it up )
Moves I suggested were keeping Therian (for balance no one will trade for him) cutting Sim and Savage obtaining Tkachuk for Seinderberg and 2nd rounder I amnot even sure this deal is fair. Not giving up anyone valuable on this roster is important. If we can afford Scott Niedermayer, we can afford Tkachuk for much less Id take Sillinger instead of Peca anyday (I believe Mike can play center and a RW excellent on face-offs makes in neighborhood of 1M a year and he plays for the St.Louis)

Well maybe you suffer from amnesia too but just do not know it? From what I can remember Clarke dug his own grave and made some strange/unnecessary/foolish trades. Losing two young defenseman, when we accrued Comrie and that useless Burke instead of playing Niittymaki who by the way did very well against the Devils and somewhere in between all that he shipped Weinrich to St.Louis for 5th or 6th round (I think it was 6th round pick) also Therian was traded in the same year (I think) to Dallas for 3rd rounder (that move I did not mind at all).
Trades and unexpected injuries helped to create a huge hole in our defense (you may argue I am wrong)
Take it away...

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