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01-24-2012, 11:32 AM
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The palm on the S19 v2 has improved slightly in creasing than the original, but still not as supple as the palm on the EQ50. If you can find the EQ50 Elite, that would be even better. I personally do not care for the tapered fingers on the S19 since I find that it sometimes catches on my ring finger when moving them, but it's up to you. There's nothing exclusively special about either glove so just go with whichever you prefer.

As to the stick, it's an absolutely amazing stick for shooting. The release on it is second to none, best stick I've ever shot with and balanced amazingly well. However like cleveland and Donald mentioned, there have been durability issues with some of them but if you're just playing recreationally and not at a competitive level, that shouldn't be an issue if you haven't been hard on your sticks before.

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