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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
So Drew last night said pretty definitively that Wilson isdone with rental players. I assume he knows what he's talking about because I doubt Wilson would allow Drew to say something like that on TV if it wasn't true.

That takes some major players off the list. Ruutu, Parise, etc.

Also take into account the Sharks cap space, and the fact that Doug Wilson won't bring in an overpaid player, who does that leave? He also said he expects it to be a top-6 player (not a 3rd liner) thought I didn't get the impression he knew that as definitively.

Sticking to teams that are likely to sell: (Mostly avoiding NTC's, and totally unavailable players)

Moore (not top-6)
Leino (overpaid so unlikely)
Carter (long contract, unlikely)
Gagner (Sam)
Vrbata (already tried to sign him)
Max Pac

Those are the likely candidates I see. Also keep in mind for any of those players we are likely sending a roster player back. Since the Sharks won't trade for a bad contract, want a top-6 player that isn't a rental, the cost is going to be more then picks/prospects.

I think that puts:

on the block likely. I think there is a very small chance with Clowe, but that would mean two top-6 guys coming back and that's going to be a tough sell, and probably counter productive (unless someone is overpaying majorly).

With Niitty likely moved, and whatever roster player is the odd man out, we should be able to afford anyone in the 5m range.
First - I'm not going to take Drew's word as gospel on what Wilson may or may not do, he may have a way better pulse on the team than people on HF but I guarantee you Wilson hasn't shared his plans with Drew Remeda.

Second - that list of players, while they may be of interest to Wilson - I'd say about 1/2 of them have less than a 5% chance of being moved.

Third - I just don't see this team messing with their defensive depth. If they move Braun or Demers or Murray they're going to have to pick up another depth d-man since there's no one in Worcester that McLellan would (or should) trust in a playoff series.

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