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Originally Posted by stalockrox View Post
First - I'm not going to take Drew's word as gospel on what Wilson may or may not do, he may have a way better pulse on the team than people on HF but I guarantee you Wilson hasn't shared his plans with Drew Remeda.

Second - that list of players, while they may be of interest to Wilson - I'd say about 1/2 of them have less than a 5% chance of being moved.

Third - I just don't see this team messing with their defensive depth. If they move Braun or Demers or Murray they're going to have to pick up another depth d-man since there's no one in Worcester that McLellan would (or should) trust in a playoff series.
I doubt he'd share his plans specifically, but I think it's pretty likely he told Drew "I will tell you one thing, i'm not renting anymore players". It's not like Drew to make definitive statements like that on tv, attributed directly to his boss, who will likely see it.

He didn't say "I think Doug Wilson will avoid rentals" he said "Doug Wilson said he will not be renting a player" (paraphrased).

Even if Drew is full of **** (which I don't think is the case), I still wanted to see what a list of players would look like if he is in fact telling the truth. Determine availability all you like, I didn't want to start making judgements like that. Just put all the possibilities on a list. I think it's pretty safe to say anyone in the playoff hunt is not going to trade a top-6 guy, and guys with NTC's are not likely to be moved mid-season (I kept Ladd on there just cause I think if one is moved it might be him).

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