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01-24-2012, 11:42 AM
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I guess what bothered me is the statment by the Stache about the ref working last night's game was calling EK a diver. It prejudiced the game for me. It allowed the appearance of bias ruin the game. You can't have that in sport because it takes objectivity out of the game. It made me question everything. When EK gets tripped and no call, it makes you think. Phillips stick gets slashed on a PP, no call. Same play happens...makes you think. The Boro penalty...makes you think. Kopitar freebie through the crease...makes you think. He was given the benefit of the doubt, EK wasn't.

So it really ruined the game even before the puck dropped and the NHL has to make sure that this scenario does not creep into the game.

Other than that, they played well, a rebound game from Anaheim and Quick played excellent. It happens and it is our time to face some adversity for the first time in two months. Two months. Turris, Spezza created plays. Smith to me looks like he is not 100%, no jam. Daugavins needs to sit. Butler hate is a little much, he did not socre but he had chances...I would prefer Greening up there. Anderson was good and unlucky.

on to Phoenix, let's not get any injuries and if we lose, we lose. The playeds geta break, look at their accomplishments, be proud and be confident that they can continue to play as they have for two chole months. You can't fake two months people....they are good but good teams will struggle at times.

I liked what the Euge said. Stay focussed. the "I ain't even mad " mindframe is a good one this year, I will try and stick to it and enjoy the rest of the season.

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