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01-24-2012, 12:22 PM
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I've said it for year's..The NHL ranks just a .... hair above the WWE when it comes to the refferee's. This is why the NHL will never be considered an upper echelon sport. The refferee's are a flippen joke.The league claims they want this garbage out of the game but when the time comes to REALLY take a stance they run and hide. Unfortunetly i think it's going to take a death or someone getting paralyzed for Bettman and Shanny to pull their heads out of each others butt's.
What they need to do is get back to the good ole' days when the players Policed this crap themselve's. ..ssie's like Marchand, Cooke etc would think twice if they knew they might get pounded by someone like Domi, Probert-Kocur..

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