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01-24-2012, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
I agree. Neal seems like the kind of player that could score with anyone. Yes, Malkin creates room with what he does, but from what I see of Neal he shoots from basically anywhere and everywhere. And a lot of those shots do not have anything close to a clear line to the goalie. they are hardly empty net tap ins. He reminds me of Ovechkin in some ways in that regard. And his shot is amazingly fast and fairly lethal. Do not get me wrong Malkin and Neal compliment each other perfectly. But Neal is hardly leaching off of Malkin, not with the way he plays.

As for the deal, I would love to tie up some UFA years. Six years for $33 million. That would take him to age 31 and buy up a few UFA years. As an added bonus it would make Malkin happy and you may save a little bit when his contract comes up for negotiation.
We forget that last year he had 1 goal in 20+ games. You need an open lane to shoot....Malkin tends to create that.

I think those are leveraging points....
Also if someone could dig up how many points he got with Malkin out.

Lastly, I'm sure his powerplay goals would get a dent in it when Crosby comes back.

My point is that Shero would be stupid to pay him Stamkos like money after 1 good season with Malkin in god mode centering him.

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