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01-24-2012, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
I do have rumor-based counterexamples. The fact that he was the one being shopped at the time of the JT trade is a huge clue and not a rumor.
First of all, someone being shopped doesn't mean they're a locker room problem (Heatley going to Minnesota for instance); they could be simply a victim of circumstance or what the other team desired. Honestly, do any of us really know what goes on in the locker room? Not really.

Second of all, who says he hasn't developed into one? If he were an issue here, he very well could have changed his attitude. You're basing your vitriol based on rumors from six years ago.

Lastly, this is a pointless argument. There was no reason to pick out such a negligible, subjective part of my response.

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