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01-24-2012, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by fsanford View Post
That miss on Voynov's pass was a shot a midget player could put in the net. thank goodness he is a UFA
Originally Posted by KingsKnight View Post
While I agree he didn't have a good game, if you go back and watch that replay the pass is tipped by the defenseman before it even gets to Stoll.
Originally Posted by sw1tch View Post
thats harsh since Kuba got his stick on the pass before it ever reached Stoll, Stoll didnt touch it, and never had a chance to based on how much it deflected right infront of him
I thought I was the only one that was going to have to come to Stoll's defense on this one ... even Jim Fox blew the call on TV until he saw the replay, and then had to backtrack and give #17 Filip Kuba the credit for a great defensive play to tip that pass away from Stoll. Oh well it seems like The Board has moved on from Penner to Stoll as the whipping boy ... I don't know WHY we always need one, especially after a great victory like last night ... when it's obvious EVERYONE played a roll in getting the team that win ... sometimes some efforts are just more noticeable, but this jumping on the whipping boy bandwagon is about the lamest thing about these boards and shows the maturity level of the vast majority on here.

Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Richards' line was much better ... Richards had a tough time hanging onto the puck as well from time to time, but the "push" from that line was much better last night.
Yep actually Richards has sucked it up since his return from his concussion, I don't know if maybe he's still feeling it's effects maybe and rushed back too soon ? But for every great play he makes he makes another bonehead play, turnover, bad pass to cancel it out ... Stoll and Penner might not be the ideal linemates for him, but he played with scrubs as linemates often in Philly too and yet somehow not only was better then but also made those scrubs better, something is OFF with his game, personally I've noticed it since Sutter came aboard and go back and read a comment Richards made about the loss of Murray, I don't think he's overly happy since the change ? Hopefully he bucks up and gets back to form soon.

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