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Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
Stuart is not going to sign for less than 3 mil IMO. And even that is a significant discount. He's also going to want a NMC. But he might do a 3 mil for 3 years deal with the NMC. But he could get 4 mil plus on the open market.
I agree, but remember the "open market" for him is basically a California team. SJ would obviously be the frontrunner because it gets him in the same house as his family. LA/ANA could make cases in that its a quick flight to SJ that allows him to spend off days with his family. Although LA traded him to Detroit, so less likely there. I know we traded him to Boston, but again, this is about his family. I honestly think he's going to make it to SJ, assuming 1) DW wants him 2) He signs for the right price.

The comfort in knowing he can't be traded away from his family is probably worth more to him than an extra $1mil/year, so I think a NMC at 3-4 years could get this deal done at a $2.5mm cap hit. With Nitty and White off the books, its totally worth it, even at 3MM

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