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01-24-2012, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Tootoo Train View Post
Can you imagine making a contribution to the discussion. Guess not.

Didn't see this posted anywhere. Lincecum signs a 2 yr 40.5mil deal. Sounds like he wants to hit free agency depending on the team's outlook at that time.
He doesn't seem intent on posting anything sensible. He's clearly way in over his head discussing a sport in which he has no knowledge about.

As for Lincecum, that's good speculation. However, the Giants will also be unloading a ton of salary around that time so you can expect them to be able to afford Lincecum. With Cain being a free-agent after this season, no way will they risk losing them both.

Originally Posted by Macoun4life View Post
Can you imagine the Jays making the playoffs...
Yes. I can. And my mind can separate reality from immaginary things; can yours?

Originally Posted by ryno23 View Post

What if the Tigers paid him $35 a year for the next 5 years which takes him to 32 years old and he performs just like he has done up to now which is not a stretch. Then the last 4 years are worth 44 million so that would be $11 a year and not bad even if he slips a bit in productions easy to get rid of $44 million in today's mlb.
No way do you pay a guy, who barely even makes the top ten players in baseball, that much money. The fact he got even close to what Pujols had signed for is disgusting.

Originally Posted by Macoun4life View Post
Well if you can imagine the Jays in the playoffs, then I can imagine Cabrera playing 3rd, even though he'll probably DH this year.

ps. Not any team can look dangerous on paper. In fact I could ramble off a quite a few teams that don't look dangerous on paper, the Jays being one of them.

Baseball differences aside...

So you can imagine Cabrera playing third, but see him as a DH? Do you not see the problem here? If not, let's just say I can imagine the Leafs winning a Stanley Cup under Ron Wilson as a head coach. Let's just say 'probably not' though.

You are right, Go Leafs Go.

Originally Posted by Hawaiinleaf View Post
Jays seem content to not lose out on strategic assets...Japanese pitcher we were supposed to be top choice? lost

Fielder wanted to come here? Lost
Please, please. Get a clue.

Any link that tells me, Fielder wanted to come here or Darvish himself saying 'Toronto was a top choice' may earn your credability back.

Originally Posted by Anthrax442 View Post
Ken_Rosenthal Ken Rosenthal
Source: Cordero to #BlueJays, pending physical. One year, $4.5M. Will set up for Santos. #MLB
Fantastic signing. Cordero + Santos + Oliver at half the cost is much greater than having Papelbon, Madson, etc. I love our bullpen work this year. It will be a serious weapon.

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