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01-24-2012, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
He talked about "passion". That's hardly the only requirement for a coach, and actually, it ought to be pretty damned low on the list. Everyone who gets to the level that they are considered for a NHL coaching job is going to be pretty passionnate about hockey. Demonstrating said passion explosively is completely optional.

I'm more interested about tactics, line matching ability, systems, understanding of the game in various aspects... Stuff that matters. Lack of this made Carbonneau fall flat on his face as a coach, because he had no understanding of line matching, and only understood work ethic, valuing it to the exclusion of all else. Cunneyworth's flaw is similar, although of a lesser nature (plus, bonus: he seems to be learning some, which Carbonneau never did).

Cunneyworth is not very good, but I'm seeing little to convince me Roy couldn't be as bad, or worse. In fact as an ex-player he already has one thing in common with Cunneyworth that's making the latter fail (he thinks the game in terms of the fourth-line grinder he used to be).
Well i can tell you are talking out of your ... .No personal offense but Roy is a former goalie, like JM. He saw the game differently in his whole career. Secondo, Roy has now some good experience behind the bench. I saw the Remparts 3 times this year and he matches his lines quite well. Sends his first line against the fourth one to create momentum etc. In one of the game, Québec was REALLY sloppy and were loosing 2-1 and scored to make it 2-2 early in the first period. Roy called a timeout and talked the **** out of them because they were clearly not taking the opposition seriously. They went on to have a great game after this. My last point is that he talks a LOT. When you're in the lower bowl you can hear him scream at his players on the ice to guide them. Hes constantly active behind the bench. Not at all like carbo.

Plus, like i said earlier, he is great at developing young guys. This is including Europeans. The Remparts are highly recommended among teams as an organisation. This is why every year you can see Roy stealing a guy who didn't want to play in the Q.

Again, nothing personal but you better know the subject before talking like it is facts.

Edit: just saw your post below and i agree JM was a great coach in MTL and i did no want him fired at any point.

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