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01-24-2012, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Actually, there's an interesting way of looking at this. Most NHL teams are heavy on using re-treads, guys who have been NHL coaches in the past. Sometimes they bring up an AHL coach, but it remains uncommon; generally, the pool of guys other NHL teams fish from consists of experienced NHL coaches, and that pool is pretty small. They also grab from the OHL and the WHL but, again, this is something they do relatively infrequently, leading to a fairly small pool of NHL coaching talent.

Because Montreal only hires francophones, and most experienced francophone coaches in the NHL are ex-Habs coaches, the Habs tend to graduate rookies, generally from the Q. This is a pool that other NHL clubs do not use at all. They also use the anglophone pool to get assistants and AHL coaches, like other clubs. This makes Montreal one of the primary gateways for new NHL coaches coming into the league, but it also means Montreal has become something of a coaching farm club for the rest of the league. Note the high number of current NHL coaches were graduated by Montreal, either as AHL or as NHL head coaches: omitting Montreal, 4 of the 29 head coaches in the league are Montreal or Hamilton alumni. Montreal tends to be forced to hire rookie coaches, who go on to get hired by the rest of the league.

(It's also what made the hiring of Martin, an experienced, credible francophone coach that had never been in the Montreal system, such a coup, and why firing him willy-nilly was a bad idea. Montreal will be very hard-pressed to replace him with someone is experienced, credible, and francophone at the same time.)

Jacques Martin, Pascal Vincent, Benoit Groulx?

But seriously, in terms of type of coach, I'd rather go find the next Dan Blysma instead of a "fiery ex-player" type like Roy. The former will do way, WAY more to help your hockey team win than the latter, IMO.
I think you don't understand thats its possible to be fiery and a good coach at the same time

Roy is just that

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