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Originally Posted by Cupmonger View Post
I'll be sad to see him leave. And seeing as I believe our PP and our D (probably related) are our biggest problems. It's going to suck. But we'll have to get something good in return. And rebuilding our D will take time. Nobody give me that Tinordi, Beaulieu argument either. We got Diaz, Emelin, Campoli and Weber. While for some of those names, they've done well, II think we can all agree that more is still needed. Who knows how long Markov will still be out and how he'll play when or if he is coming back. Kaberle, not entirely convinced, he's not bad, and he'd probably do better if our D was doing better in general...

If Subban's gone, it better be for something very juicy in return.

You don't trade PK SUBBAN at 22.

Just like you dont trade Doughty

OR STAMKOS etc....

I don't care what the return is ,Gauthier isn't the guy you want trading PK FREAKIN SUBBAN

The Gauthier has flip flopped more times than a seal out of water, and missed the boat by 1.5 years.

The Montreal MARKET has been destroyed by him and Martin .

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