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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
Gainey isn't under the influence of anybody. He's as stoic as they come. And he publicly defends his players when fans and media jump on them like rabid wolves. Were all of his decisions right? No, but nobody's are. At least he had some backbone and did what he thought was best for the team based on his experience, not that of some guy on a radio station.

Oh, and the moves you mention got us further in the playoffs that we have since 1993 in a single year.
Amen to that brother! Whatever anybody thinks of Gainey, you can't say he was influenced by anything other than this team's best interests. These radio and newspaper guys think they can manage or coach a team better than the existing group because they call themselves analysts. I can safely say that there are many posters on this board whose knowledge base and ideas are infinitely brighter and more realistic than these armchair GM's and coaches. There are a great many posters here whose opinions are held in greater regard to me than those of anybody on TSN990.

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