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11-08-2003, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Watts02
Ah you make my point for me, Lindros was a great player for a few years but you can agree with me that he live dup to no where near his potential. What if the Nordiques would have made him play or sit him. How many cups would Philly won and not colorado. He was made out to be more important then either team, the only winners from that is the avalanche. In most peoples opinions Lindros is a baby just like commrie, and will never and should never be mentioned in the same sentance as the greats of this game.
Had it not been for his concussions, Lindros would have more than lived up to his potential. The Nords/Avs faired incredibly well by trading Lindros (thanks to the media hype surrounding Eric), but at the same time, had it not been for questionable management by the Flyers, they could have won a few Cups as well. As well, it wasn't a case of Lindros thinking he was bigger than the Nords, because he was never a part of the Nords. No player is forced to sign a contract with the team they are drafted by. Lindros simply acted on his right not to, as a number of lesser known draftees do each and every year. Yes, a lot of people think Lindros is a baby, however I put more credibility in the number of quality "hockey people" like Gretzky and Yzerman who actually know the guy and think to the contrary.

Lowe should simply wait until he gets an offer that helps the team. Letting him "rot" out of spite does his club no good whatsoever. I don't like Comrie in the least, and I do think Lowe should take his time and make sure he gets the best deal possible for the club. He doesn't need Comrie, and certainly shouldn't want him on the roster if Comrie doesn't want to be there.

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