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11-08-2003, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
Well, imo you're making an assumption with regard to the 2line comment.

Having said that, if Lowe is lying he's a much better one than the agent. Mike and his agent looked away, up, down, I don't think they made eye contact more than twice in the entire interview.

They both looked like they'd just robbed the chicken coop.
Mikey looked incredibly depressed to me, looked like a guy who'd just been told he wasn't wanted. That's one of the reasons I hold the opinion I do, is he's always looked/sounded like a guy who has been told "you're not good enough, and we don't want you".

Ironic isn't it, apparently Shawn Horcoff and Peter Sarno (coming from a Peter Sarno fan, one of the first) are good enough to be wanted here.

Kevin Lowe keeps saying he'll "do what's best for the Edmonton Oilers".
What exactly is that Kevin? I think the answer's obvious, and I don't think you are doing it.

ADDED: I neglected to mention that, although I side with Mikey on this issue and not Lowe, Rich Winter is a bonehead.........a half-decent agent could've had these problems between Comrie and Lowe worked out by now, instead of making them 10x worse.

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