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01-24-2012, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr_Lyle View Post
What most people don't realize about the media is, 95% of what they report is either total bullcrap, or completely irrelevant.

A while back, for a period of a little over a year, I only watched the games. I didn't get papers, didn't watch or listen to any pre-game or post-game shows, or visited any websites. Then, after about a year, I came on this board and saw like 4 threads of people being completely pissed about stuff that I've never heard of or had any impact whatsoever on the games I watched. Rumors, discussions, speculations made in the media, players getting into fights. Most of it stuff that either never happened, or made out to be much more serious than it was, or stuff that was said that simply ended up being false. Of course it ends up being nothing after the media dissects for a week none stop. None of it made any difference to me while I was watching the games. I'm sure that in that period, there must have been like 30 so called "scandals" that I knew nothing about and they had no impact on the team as far as I could see on TV. To me, it was like nothing happened. It was beautiful.

The The problem is, if you really want a media free hockey experience, you cannot visit this board. Everything anyone says in the media gets posted here within seconds and results in a 20 page discussion. This board is just like the media, except unlike the media who reach into our homes, no one other than the users actually care about it.

We discuss things here just like the media does, we're really no better. Just because we bash them doesn't mean we're somehow better than them. If you don't think so, go to the front page and read the topics. Half of them are complete bull. Speculations, rumors, reports. 95% of which are completely baseless.

PS Tony Marinaro is the worst.

PPS WS agrees with me!

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